Garfunkel’s Tottenham Court Road – 31st October 2015


I visited Garfunkel’s for a quick dinner and I was excited (as always) to see onion rings on the menu.

These onion rings were average at best.


COST: £3.50


These are what I’d call “The Bog Standard Frozen”. You can tell they’re from frozen because the batter has the distinctive smooth and fully intact surface and is quite pale. The flavour of the batter is often overwhelming, tasting of onion itself, no doubt from copious amounts of onion powder. The inside of the onion ring may not necessarily even be cooked properly and is just a bit doughy. They are sometimes more like onion flavored mashed potato rings.

Personally I feel like these kind of onion rings have their place in the world but they should not be served in a restaurant. These are similar to the onion rings you’d get in McDonald’s or a kebab shop at 2am.

I enjoy the stodge from time to time but perhaps Garfunkel’s isn’t such a big step up from a fast food place after all.


Frozen takeaway onion rings. Not good quality even for frozen and certainly not what I expect at a restaurant.

Overall Rating: 3/10


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