Gourmet Burger Kitchen – 6th February 2016

Upon a recent visit to friends in Oxford, we descended on GBK for a catch up meal. I, of course, had to order onion rings with my burger. I needed to know if they were any good because it’d be great to find a nationwide chain with reliable onion rings.



Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £3.45
Cost per Ring: 43p


My first impression was very good. They were delivered in the classic ONION RING TOWER – there’s nothing better than this stacked madness.

However after my initial excitement I was met with the taste of a mediocre, average onion ring. The closest taste I could compare these to is cheap chicken nuggets crusts and that’s because the batter flavour was very strong. I think they have used panko bread crumbs to flesh out the batter which I can imagine being nice but unfortunately it was extremely oniony and not in a good way. It was almost as if they had tried to mask this as well because they were covered in so much pepper.

I can’t tell if these rings are from frozen. I think they were simply because the batter flavour was too strong and this is a common flaw with frozen rings. They weren’t stodgy like the bog standard frozen so perhaps these are “gourmet” frozen rings.

The actual onion is good inside but not particularly special.



I am a sucker for onion rings presented in a tower. For me, the excitement of the tower really adds to the overall experience. However, taste wise they were nice but pretty average.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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