Ed’s Easy Diner – 9th February 2016


I’m a big fan of a themed restaurant. They’re really fun and exciting and they make me feel like I’m on holiday in at Disney World. So, when I was stuck for where to grab dinner before my friends live music show in central London, I went and tried out the American diner outside of Euston Station.





Number of Rings: 15!!!
Cost: £5.25
Cost per Ring: 35p


I ordered a dish called the Atomic American Onion Rings – already I’m excited. They had ordinary onion rings on the menu for £3.60 with the bold statement “You won’t find finer!” written underneath so I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into and paying an extra £1.15 for.


I was NOT disappointed. When the onion rings were delivered I was totally shocked. To my delight a HUGE bowl of no less that FIFTEEN onion rings came my way and I had made the mistake of ordering this beast along with a burger and portion of chips too.

The dish was presented with five pots of different sauces: jalapeño jelly, chilli, sour cream, BBQ sauce and guacamole on the side. There is an option to swap the BBQ sauce for Cheddar cheese sauce for all you BBQ haters and cheese lovers out there. It was so exciting to try onion rings with all these different flavours. Individually the dips were very good, my favourite for sure was the jalapeño jelly. Sadly, I’d say that the combination of guac with onion rings is not the one which is such as shame as it had so much potential!

The rings themselves were not crispy but at the same time they weren’t too soggy either. The inner onion were nice and juicy. I have no complaints about them at all.


The Atomic American Onion Rings is a glorious dish. You get an absurd number of onion rings with an exciting variety of dips. Do not order this with chips – this is a meal in itself.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Onion Ring Glasses


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