Pitcher & Piano Richmond – 2nd March 2016

Date night lead us to Pitcher & Piano in Richmond. This is such a lovely place to eat with views of the sun setting over the River Thames and of course onion rings on the menu.





Number of Rings: 7
Cost: £2.25
Cost per Ring: 32p


First impressions were that the presentation of the dish was ace. The onions were piled up nice and high and there was a spring onion in the centre of the rings, it’s the simple joys. £2.25 for seven rings is ridiculously cheap for the quality that they were serving so already I’m feeling very excited.

Now for the taste. The batter was nice and crumbly and its flavour was good and not overwhelming. The onion inside was kinda juicy but it wasn’t anything special, just nice. Cool that they’ve used red onion though! I can tell for sure these rings are not from frozen

The only downside is that they were very greasy, especially the ones at the bottom of the pile, and the most greasy were bordering on being not nice. I still ate them all of course.



Quality cheap onion rings with a view. Fabulous presentation with novel use of red onion.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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