KUA ‘AINA Goodge Street – 4th June 2016


Kua ‘Aina is a cool hawaiian themed burger and sandwich grill on Goodge Street by Tottenham Court Road. I really liked the theme and decor of the restaurant but let’s get down to the serious onion ring business.

This was a BAD onion ring experience. I would go as far as to say I would never buy onion rings from here ever again.



Number of Rings: 5 (large)
Cost: £3.95
Cost per Ring: 79p


First impressions were that they were cold so I had to send the first batch back along with our sweet potato fries. When the second batch arrived they were so boiling hot I felt like they were taking the mickey although I know it’s just because they rushed out some fresh ones.

These were definitely not from frozen and usually this is a really good thing but in this case I think these were actually worse than the average frozen ring. The batter tasted extremely plain, it was not spiced or flavoured at all and I can only assume they used plain flour and water. I could tell the oil was probably fresh since the batter was not too dark.

The onion itself was juicy but because it was swimming in grease it almost tasted soapy. Whatever it was it definitely wasn’t a nice taste and I couldn’t even finish the 5 rings. I don’t think this has ever happened..

If I could offer any excuse for how greasy they were I’d say it was because they were served in a rush since they let the first lot get cold and we sent them back. However this isn’t a good enough excuse for just how gross they were – a huge statement coming from me the onion ring enthusiast, yes they were gross.

Mahalo (Hawaiian for “Thanks”)

Mahalo for nothing Kua ‘Aina!


Eating these made me sad because I feel like I’ve consumed a load of grease and lost £4 for nothing. 

Do not buy these again. 

Overall Rating: 2/10



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