The Royal Oak Oxford – 9th June 2016

To celebrate the end of my friend’s exam we all headed to the Royal Oak Pub in Oxford for a boozy afternoon session and, like any decent establishment, they offered a pretty decent portion of onion rings.




Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £2.50
Cost per Ring: 31p


First impression: Oh my goodness this looks amazing. The rings were massive, the portion was huge and it only cost £2.50. This place is seriously under charging for this dish.

These onion rings were unforgettable. I’m shocked at how cheap they were considering the level of quality. The onion inside was deliciously sweet and juicy and the level of grease was within the acceptable range.

The rings were very thick, three onion layers thick and almost 2cm tall. I had to open mouth so wide to eat them, it was like opening up to bite into an apple. Marvelous.

The waiter caught me taking photos and we had a laugh together. The service was really quick especially considering the place was absolutely packed.

A true demonstration of how mighty the whole onion ring ensemble looked is that six more portions were delivered to the beer garden within thirty minutes of my order. Those good people knew there’s nothing quite like amazing onion rings in the sunshine.


These were very cheap, unusually thick and fantastic. I loved them. 

Overall Rating: 10/10



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