Chiquitos – 18th June 2016

I love Mexican food. I went to Chiquitos because sometime you just need a burrito to be made for you. Luckily for me they have a Tex-Mex section of the menu which inevitably meant I was having onion rings.



Number of Rings: 10 (small)
Cost: £3.95
Cost per Ring: 40p

These rings are from frozen.  The biggest give away was that they were all the same size and shape. Just like The Bog Standard Frozen often is, these were quite peppery in taste presumably to cover the bad taste of the batter which was very doughy.


The onion was distinctly slimy and not juicy as you can see from this photo above. I bit into it and the slimy onion flopped out. It looks pretty gross to be honest.

The serving had many smaller rings which is good for sharing but it meant that the batter to onion ratio of the entire portion was slightly too high. It did come with a delicious sauce however, it was very spicy and tasted almost like Marie Rose sauce which you usually get with a prawn cocktail. I’m really interested in finding the perfect onion ring condiment and I’m happy to say the pairing worked really well here.


The Bog Standard Frozen served with prawn cocktail sauce.

Overall Rating: 5/10


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