The Sawyers Arms Paddington – 2nd July 2016

When I went to meet my friend Ellie at Paddington station it was a perfect opportunity to try some pub onion rings. Pub onion rings are of dramatically varying quality from pub to pub so this could have swung either way.

Sadly this is what came out of the kitchen.



Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £2.95
Cost per Ring: 37p

Ever the optimist I still hoped for the best

There is no doubt in my mind that these are frozen rings. With my first bite the entire onion flopped clean out of the batter and straight onto my chin. The onion inside was scalding hot and regrettably my chin was left burnt and sore.

The inner onion tasted dry, it was definitely overcooked. The batter has that typical bog standard frozen onion ring taste that’s unpleasantly oniony and fatty.

All I can say in their favour is that they weren’t absolutely disgusting and at least they didn’t cost too much money. One for when you’ve had a few beers maybe.

Up your game Sawyers Arms. Pub onion rings can be so much more!


They aren’t inedible but these are not good onion rings.

Overall Rating: 2/10



Me suffering for my art.

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