The Sherlock Holmes – 28th July 2016

Hello again!

As you may know I have a special place in my heart for novelty themed restaurants. The Sherlock Holmes Pub in St James’s, London, did not slip my attention. It’s very well decorated in the theme and packed with tourists resting their weary feet. Despite it being a tourist trap, the chorizo hotdog meal I had, the “José Chorinio”, was both delicious AND reasonably priced at £10.



Number of Rings: 10
Cost: £2.95
Cost per ring: 30p

Sadly, the onion rings were not so delicious. I was really disappointed with my side order to this otherwise tasty meal.



Hollow crusts

These were quite possibly the driest onion rings I’ve ever had. They  were so stiff that when u bite them you have a job getting the bloody onion out.

Evidently they were from frozen and quite clearly overcooked too. Although they were not peppery at all like most frozens they were so dry I cannot stress this enough. What the hell

This proves to me that grease is key for a decent onion ring. It just goes to show you can swing both ways away from the perfect grease level.

Jeez these needed more moisture.


Driest onion rings I have ever eaten. More grease needed. Frozen.

Overall Rating: 1/10


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