The Blues Kitchen Camden – 3rd September 2016

Date night! Ben and I were off to town but we had to dash off the streets of Camden as the heavens opened. Luckily we found this wonderfully decorated restaurant/bar, the Blues Kitchen.


Number of Rings: 5 (large)
Cost: £3
Cost per ring: 60p

These rings look delicious! I always say it but I love it when onion rings are made in house. Personally, I think this should be expected in a restaurant, how some places can justify charging £3.50/£4 for frozen onion rings is beyond me. Anyway back to the rings in hand!

They had a kinda smokey undertone which was very pleasant but they could have used more salt. I guess you can add that yourself. Something was missing though but I’m not sure what…

Sadly the did not reach their full potential because they were undercooked. You can see in the photos the clear layer of raw dough next to the inner onion. I was really disappointed, it made them unnecessarily stodgy.

They have the potential to be awesome but I think they needed another few mins in the fryer. To be honest I think the restaurant forgot we wanted them and rushed them out and that’s why they weren’t cooked properly.

Overall they’re still really good and served in a wicked establishment.

Despite the given rating, I have high hopes for these if cooked properly.

Now that we’ve completed the oniony business, I have to say that the fried chicken at this place is just bloody awesome. We were warned there’d be a 20 minute wait for the fresh chicken but it was well worth it, you have to try it. The burger was also good with Ben describing it as “the best burger [he]’d had in a long time”.


These have some serious potential but sadly on the day they were undercooked. Add extra salt.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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