Honest Burgers Brixton – 1st October 2016

My boyfriend and I were going to a housewarming in Brixton and I took him to Honest Burger so I could try these onion rings. I’d seen them on Instagram before so I knew they looked good.



Number of Rings: 5
Cost: Came as a side (Usually £3.50)

I was very happy when they offered to replace my fries with the onion rings at no extra cost and looking around the restaurant, lots of people were making the swap. Sadly I fear many regrets were had that evening.

Although they do look great and that’s because they were freshly cooked for sure… But sadly they were totally bland.

I couldn’t believe they’d left the kitchen tasting like they did. They were so plain they couldn’t have flavoured them at all. I’ll tell you what they tasted like, McDonalds chicken nugget batter. Grim but true.

Upset by these mediocre rings, and my lack of rosemary chips due to the swap, I tried to rescue my dinner by adding salt. Honest burger clearly think no added salt is necessary as I had to be asked for some to be brought to the table. They were right though, my efforts were futile.. salt didn’t help.

On the plus side I’d say the texture was spot on. They were wonderfully crunchy with perfect grease levels.


Very plain, freshly cooked & crispy onion rings that desperately need a sauce.

Overall Rating: 5/10


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