Byron – 4th November 2016

I appreciate a nice burger with my onion rings. Here’s what Byron had to offer…


Number of Rings: 7
Cost: £3.50
Cost per ring: 50p

My initial reaction is that these onion rings look frozen to me… but almost like the top end of frozen. Perhaps they are from frozen but they are fried rather than baked? This is something I’ve not really contemplated enough until right now… game changer.

The grease levels were mid to high but certainly not the most greasy I have encountered. However after an initial crunch which comes with a small injection of flavour, the zing quickly washes away with an excess of grease and the taste to match. Sadly the batter’s flavour is not intense enough to overcome it’s own grease. Despite the inclusion of black pepper, the batter becomes very plain.

The inner onion itself was also plain and again I think the flavour was lost to the grease. Nonetheless the onion was very juicy and had a satisfying bite. The quality of the onion affects the overall flavour heavily, in this case it makes a small effort to diminish the grease level.


I was not dissatisfied with these. Gourmet Frozen.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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