The Lord Nelson Pub Southwark – 23rd November 2016

I visited this funky pub to meet my friend Ellie. Pub onion rings are always a risk, they could swing either way so wasn’t sure what to expect.


Number of Rings: 16
Cost: As part of meal + £1

This pub was really unusual with lots of eye catching decorations. A pretty cool place for a drink and I was hoping too a good spot for onion rings. Sadly I was disappointed.

The onion rings at the Lord Nelson were the bog standard frozen. As for how bog standard go I’ll say these were very dry on the outside (because they are baked from frozen) but perfect grease levels inside. A sadly familiar taste that is boring and not like the real ale. They look grim and beige.

Despite my onion ring disappointment the burger I had called the “Chicken Elvis” was awesome. It had chicken, peanut butter and bacon with lovely soft bread. Would recommend.


Bog standard frozen.

Overall Rating: 3/10


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