The Fable – 8th March 2017

Out for an impromptu lunch at a restaurant I’d never heard of, I was surprised to see onion rings on the menu of a relatively posh lunch place. I was intrigued. Surely they wouldn’t serve the Bog Standard Frozen here? 


Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £3.25
Cost per ring: 41p

I was right, these were fresh. I love it when you find a good class of onion ring unexpectedly. These were lovely, freshly-cooked onion rings and they hit the spot.

The texture of the batter was perfectly crispy and overall a great juiciness level was achieved. Just look at the photos to see how light the coating was, it worked very well in this case.

They were not at all stodgy and could only have been improved by adding a little more salt.

The restaurant was really nice and full of smart looking men and women having business meetings and lunch for special occasions. Special mention goes to this table here which I’m sure you’d have to book well in advance if you wanted to sit here.


Great, fresh onion rings. Would buy again.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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