Auld Hundred, Edinburgh – 27th August 2017

So excited to have visited the Fringe Festival for the first time. I went with my friends Charlotte, Issy and Rhianna and the four of us just had the most fantastic time. Cool bars, hilarious comedy, great company.. but how was Edinburgh’s onion ring game?


Number of Rings: 7
Cost: £2.59
Cost per ring: 37p

The pub was pleasant and it suited exactly what we needed, a speedy service of good food between shows. However the onion rings were sadly that familiar from frozen taste.

However I’m not sure if the rings were actually from frozen like a classic pub onion ring but they tasted run of the mill for sure. Again, perhaps they are from frozen but deep fried? This always confuses the tastebuds…

The texture was good, not too stodgy, and the grease levels were spot on. The batter was nice and crispy and this was complemented exactly as you’d hope with juicy inner onions.



Perfectly ordinary rings.

Overall Rating: 5/10


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