Blues Kitchen Brixton – 12th September 2017

Blues Kitchen is one of my favourite restaurants, it has such a fun vibe, great food and the onion rings in the Camden Blues Kitchen were pretty damn nice. So I had to see for myself if the Brixton branch could live up to its sister.


Number of Rings: 5
Cost: £3.00
Cost per ring: 60p


These rings are definitely fresh, something I think we should all come to expect from any self-respecting restaurant. The texture was SPOT on. 10/10 for texture. The batter was not breaded but it was very crunchy which is particularly unusual and delicious.

However, the taste of the batter was downright dull. It was completely bland and seriously lacking in salt and almost had a soapy taste.

Once I added my own salt they were somewhat revived but the flavour was tinged with the recent taste of disappointment. I ain’t got time to add my own salt dammit, I’m busy enjoying my meal and chatting to my mates. Besides, I don’t need the guilt of knowing how much salt it takes to make onion rings taste nice, keep that dirty secret to yourselves chefs!

The inner onion was nice and juicy but sadly neither the juicy onion nor the perfect texture could save these rings from the tasteless batter.

These are not as the good as the onion rings that I had in the Blues Kitchen Camden.



Perfect batter texture. Bland batter taste.

Overall Rating: 7/10


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