Student Central (ULU) – 2nd October 2017

Student Central is a good place to get a cheap burger and chips at lunch time if you are around Goodge St. Their rings are cheap but will they taste like it?



Number of Rings: 6
Cost: £2.50
Cost per ring: 41p

Yes they taste cheap, but really at 41p a ring they are just standard price. The portion is smaller than the standard eight ring serving but you wouldn’t really want to eat more than six of these parched rings.

On the menu at Student Central the beer battered onion rings are described as “Crispy and crunchy, cooked in our chef’s special beer batter recipe”. So they reckon these onion rings are the chef’s special recipe but to be honest I think it’s quite clear that what they mean is that these are the chef’s special favourite frozen brand.


The batter is not breaded and I think it has onion powder in which reeks of the frozen classic ring recipe. The inner onion is juicy in comparison to the batter but anything would be deemed juicy in comparison to batter so dry.

Sadly, the onion flops out and when you take a bite you are likely to drag the whole onion out in one go.  The poor adhesion of inner onion to batter again suggests to me that these are frozen. I can’t believe they would so blatantly lie on their menu.


On the plus side, they are not plain, the flavour is alright and they’re not noticeably lacking in salt.


Bog standard frozen and dry.

Overall Rating: 3/10

*** UPDATE! ***

A few days after I reviewed these rings, I went back to ULU and my friend ordered them but I steered clear. He was served an entirely different looking set of rings that looked way better than the ones I had. Since then I have bought the onion rings here 3 times but to no avail. I alway get served these three out of tenners. Will anyone ever find the elusive rings George had? It’s a mystery yet to be solved…



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