Frankie and Benny’s – 23rd October 2017

It’s my mission to review the onion rings in every chain restaurant in the UK that sells them…. I never have high hopes for quality though.



Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £3.45
Cost per ring: 43p

I find that often in chain restaurants the onion rings are dry or soggy and usually from frozen, (Chiquitos and Garfunkel’s I’m looking at you), so I was expecting a very plain mediocre onion ring from Frankie & Benny’s. To my surprise, the waitress said these rings were spicy when I ordered them so I hoped they had raised the bar.

Were they spicy?

Yes, mildly spicy.

Were they mediocre?

Yes, as expected.

The rings were for sure from frozen which I think is such a cheek when they are charging you £3.45 for a portion that probably cost them about 40p MAX.

As frozen rings go I’d say they were slimy yet satisfying. I usually give the bog standard frozens a 3/10 but I’m going to boost the score for the novelty of the light spice. They were standard stodgy rings with a twist.

The texture was totally soft with zero crunch, I was disappointed. They were plain slimy although they didn’t cross the line of too greasy. You win some you lose some.


Slimy, spicy, frozen rings.

Overall Rating: 4/10


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