Firehouse Bar & Grill, St Ives – 7th November 2017

Surf’s up. On a trip to Cornwall to surf in the cold November sea with the seals, this restaurant was recommended to me by my friend Mia who frequents St Ives.



Number of Rings: 10
Cost: £2.50
Cost per ring: 25p

There’s no mistaking how cheap these rings our and I would like to suggest a number of factors that contributed to the price here:

  • Firstly, location. These are not London prices are they.
  • Secondly, shitness. These were gross.

IMG_4641These rings were made from frozen and they were substandard at that. They were very burnt.

The inner onion was almost completely separated from the batter, flopping out when I took each bite into the hollow batter. It was pretty hard to chew the inner onion off the ring which is a common problem with the bog standard frozen ring.

The smaller onion rings had that distinctive from-frozen taste and stodgy texture and the larger rings were too air filled to taste of anything.


Burnt, hollow, bog standard, frozen rings.

Overall Rating: 2/10


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