Hixter – 14th June 2017

I dragged Ben and my friend Charlie to Hixter because I needed to make the pilgrimage to try these Frankenstein’s Monster of onion rings: Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Onion Rings.




Number of Rings: 11
Cost: £4.75
Cost per ring: 43p


Not gonna lie this is the most excited I’ve been to try new onion rings and (spoilers) they did NOT disappoint.

Firstly just LOOK AT THEM. What even is going on here? They thrown caution to the wind and have torn up the onion ring rulebook. The batter was full of black poppy seeds which makes for a very unusual and eye-catching dish.

However it wasn’t just their bold looks which made them stand out from the crowd, the salt and vinegar flavour is extraordinary. Using such an intense flavour such as vinegar was a fearless move by the chefs at Hixter and it really works. The vinegar was the main flavour as it masks the familiar onion taste. I’m sure the onion must have been marinated in vinegar as this is definitely the source of the onion ring’s zing. The onion was itself thin yet juicy.

The batter was not breaded which usually is key but in this case I think would have been a mistake to add another element to this mix. It had perfect amount of salt and worked perfectly with the poppy seeds. The grease levels made the dish moist and were not overwhelming.

I couldn’t believe there were so many in a portion. I’ve since checked Hixter’s website and the price has reduced to £3.50 which at 43p per ring would be an eight ring portion but I cannot confirm this. As we know this is more in keeping with the typical portion size for a side of onion rings.

I ate all eleven rings before I even thought about eating my burger and chips which says a lot for how intriguing (and delicious) they were.

As for the restaurant itself, it was so lovely. First we had beers in “Mark’s Bar” which was downstairs and had an ultra cool vibe. I’d definitely go in there just for drinks with some mates. The food was also great, my burger was delicious, Ben’s steak was “amazing”. Charlie ordered the half chicken and they really meant half a chicken. It came with a foot!


A science experiment gone right. If you love vinegar these are for you. 

Overall Rating: 10/10



Meat Liquor – 15th October 2016

These are some pretty Instafamous onion rings so it was only right that I put them to the Onion Rings Rated test.


Number of Rings: 5 (large)
Cost: £3.50
Cost per ring: 70p

Firstly let’s talk about Meat Liquor itself. I had to queue for 20 minutes outside before we were even let into the restaurant and then we has a further 20 min wait in the bar area. This place serves fantastic dirty food and is a hot spot on a Saturday night so be prepared to queue. This restaurant is an experience let’s say. It’s very dark inside like a nightclub (check the photo below) and has loud music to match.

We each had a cocktail called “GAME OVER” which is so strong that it is limited to two per person! The cocktails are London prices, £10.50 seemed like a good deal for vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, pisang ambon and absinthe all in one hit!

Getting down to the oniony business now: The menu starts off with a bold claim in describing the rings as “Big and Fluffy”. I can officially confirm that these claims were not unfounded.

I was served with 5 almost comically large rings which were almost an inch thick/tall as well as having a large diameter. This made it possible to truly enjoy the perfectly cooked onion which lay within. It was just one thick ring inside and it was lovely. So juicy.I would describe as fluffy yes because they were certainly not crunchy. The texture was fantastic and also very flavoursome. Finally somewhere that doesn’t scrimp on salt! Scrumptious!



One of the greats.

Overall Rating: 10/10

The Royal Oak Oxford – 9th June 2016

To celebrate the end of my friend’s exam we all headed to the Royal Oak Pub in Oxford for a boozy afternoon session and, like any decent establishment, they offered a pretty decent portion of onion rings.




Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £2.50
Cost per Ring: 31p


First impression: Oh my goodness this looks amazing. The rings were massive, the portion was huge and it only cost £2.50. This place is seriously under charging for this dish.

These onion rings were unforgettable. I’m shocked at how cheap they were considering the level of quality. The onion inside was deliciously sweet and juicy and the level of grease was within the acceptable range.

The rings were very thick, three onion layers thick and almost 2cm tall. I had to open mouth so wide to eat them, it was like opening up to bite into an apple. Marvelous.

The waiter caught me taking photos and we had a laugh together. The service was really quick especially considering the place was absolutely packed.

A true demonstration of how mighty the whole onion ring ensemble looked is that six more portions were delivered to the beer garden within thirty minutes of my order. Those good people knew there’s nothing quite like amazing onion rings in the sunshine.


These were very cheap, unusually thick and fantastic. I loved them. 

Overall Rating: 10/10


Top Dog Soho – 23rd January 2016


While my boyfriend and I were hungrily wandering around Soho we stumbled across a cracking burger and hot dog restaurant called Top Dog. It was such a lovely place, had a great vibe, it was really reasonably priced and of course they did onion rings.

We’re definitely going back.




Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £3.95
Cost per ring: 49p

Wow! These onion rings were something else. We may have found the holy grail of onion rings and it’s only the second review.

These were not frozen onion rings and were not at all stodgy. If you look inside you can see the onion is intact and separate from the batter and this indicates the low stodge level before you even taste it. The crunch of the batter was extremely satisfying was followed by a top notch juiciness level of inner onion. It was the perfect balance.

They were sliced very thin which I thought was interesting. Luckily this did not negatively affect the juiciness of the inside onion, in fact it made each ring the perfect size.

Although I have to admit these rings were a bit greasy, this is the only fault I could find. They could have done with sitting on a bit of kitchen roll when they came out of pan to soak it up. The inevitable greasiness was counteracted by the onion inside which was unusually sweet.

It was so good, so delicious I wanted to cry. How did they craft these masterpieces? Are the chefs at this  restaurant extremely skilled in the art of onion ring creation? Or did they just get lucky? I’ll have to return to see if they can repeat this stellar performance.


These are the onion rings of gods. Amazing. An exceptional onion ring and well worth the money.

Overall Rating: 10/10


Pure Onion Ring Joy