Blues Kitchen Brixton – 12th September 2017

Blues Kitchen is one of my favourite restaurants, it has such a fun vibe, great food and the onion rings in the Camden Blues Kitchen were pretty damn nice. So I had to see for myself if the Brixton branch could live up to its sister.


Number of Rings: 5
Cost: £3.00
Cost per ring: 60p


These rings are definitely fresh, something I think we should all come to expect from any self-respecting restaurant. The texture was SPOT on. 10/10 for texture. The batter was not breaded but it was very crunchy which is particularly unusual and delicious.

However, the taste of the batter was downright dull. It was completely bland and seriously lacking in salt and almost had a soapy taste.

Once I added my own salt they were somewhat revived but the flavour was tinged with the recent taste of disappointment. I ain’t got time to add my own salt dammit, I’m busy enjoying my meal and chatting to my mates. Besides, I don’t need the guilt of knowing how much salt it takes to make onion rings taste nice, keep that dirty secret to yourselves chefs!

The inner onion was nice and juicy but sadly neither the juicy onion nor the perfect texture could save these rings from the tasteless batter.

These are not as the good as the onion rings that I had in the Blues Kitchen Camden.



Perfect batter texture. Bland batter taste.

Overall Rating: 7/10


Bodeans – 4th September 2017

Double date with Mark and Ellie to their favourite BBQ restaurant. I have high expectations for the onion rings in a BBQ joint but would these match up to my standards?


Number of Rings: 9 
Cost: £3.75
Cost per ring: 42p


My first impression was that they were very pale and I was concerned they would not be good. Luckily I found when I took my first bite that they had a good strong flavour and the batter was perfectly salty. Never underestimate the importance of salt when it comes to onion rings.

They were pretty hard to chew through and cleanly bite the onion in half so I had to eat them whole (what a sight haha!). Something clearly wasn’t quite right with the structure.  The batter was very soft, probably due to the fact that it wasn’t breaded.

The inner onion was very juicy and nicely complimented by the taste of the batter. However these rings would have rated more highly if they were a little crispier.

Battered onion rings (as opposed to breaded) often have the problem of being on the plain side but thankfully it was not the case with Bodeans rings, they were very flavoursome. The rest of the food was also pretty good although I went for a hotdog and I know the burger would have been better but you just gotta have a hotdog once every 2 years or so to remind yourself of the superiority of burgers.


Juicy, soft onion rings.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Byron – 4th November 2016

I appreciate a nice burger with my onion rings. Here’s what Byron had to offer…


Number of Rings: 7
Cost: £3.50
Cost per ring: 50p

My initial reaction is that these onion rings look frozen to me… but almost like the top end of frozen. Perhaps they are from frozen but they are fried rather than baked? This is something I’ve not really contemplated enough until right now… game changer.

The grease levels were mid to high but certainly not the most greasy I have encountered. However after an initial crunch which comes with a small injection of flavour, the zing quickly washes away with an excess of grease and the taste to match. Sadly the batter’s flavour is not intense enough to overcome it’s own grease. Despite the inclusion of black pepper, the batter becomes very plain.

The inner onion itself was also plain and again I think the flavour was lost to the grease. Nonetheless the onion was very juicy and had a satisfying bite. The quality of the onion affects the overall flavour heavily, in this case it makes a small effort to diminish the grease level.


I was not dissatisfied with these. Gourmet Frozen.

Overall Rating: 6/10

The Old Frizzle Wimbledon – 27th August 2016


The Old Frizzle is a great pub right by Wimbledon theatre. My boyfriend and I ended up here one summer Saturday when we were looking for somewhere to grab a bite outside in the warm late afternoon sun.



Number of Rings: 11
Cost: £4.50
Cost per ring: 41p

These onion rings were nice and salty and with a portion size of eleven rings they certainly filled a hole. The onions inside were juicy and fairly sweet but overall the ring was somewhat plain. They weren’t offensive that’s for sure.

I am keen on the presentation. Putting the rings on a slate slab is simple and effective. Very trendy. Very Instagrammable.


They were good but there were no fireworks. Would buy again. 

Overall Rating: 7/10

The Orange Tree Pub Richmond – 21st June 2016

I’m guilty of always having overlooked The Orange Tree Pub in Richmond but upon finding out they served onion rings I just had to grab a quick lunchtime serving of them with a friend.



Number of Rings: 5
Cost: £3.50
Cost per Ring: 70p

These rings were very satisfying. The batter was a bit salty but it wasn’t too overpowering. It was also a little doughy but, unusually, they weren’t too soggy like most of the doughy variety. They were pleasantly chewy.

They were nice and large which is reflected in the smaller number of rings in the portion. They were definitely fresh which is always a big plus.. it’s what you want in a restaurant, anyone can heat up some frozen rings at home.


I would for sure come back and have these again. Very nice.


Just a good fresh onion ring.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – 6th February 2016

Upon a recent visit to friends in Oxford, we descended on GBK for a catch up meal. I, of course, had to order onion rings with my burger. I needed to know if they were any good because it’d be great to find a nationwide chain with reliable onion rings.



Number of Rings: 8
Cost: £3.45
Cost per Ring: 43p


My first impression was very good. They were delivered in the classic ONION RING TOWER – there’s nothing better than this stacked madness.

However after my initial excitement I was met with the taste of a mediocre, average onion ring. The closest taste I could compare these to is cheap chicken nuggets crusts and that’s because the batter flavour was very strong. I think they have used panko bread crumbs to flesh out the batter which I can imagine being nice but unfortunately it was extremely oniony and not in a good way. It was almost as if they had tried to mask this as well because they were covered in so much pepper.

I can’t tell if these rings are from frozen. I think they were simply because the batter flavour was too strong and this is a common flaw with frozen rings. They weren’t stodgy like the bog standard frozen so perhaps these are “gourmet” frozen rings.

The actual onion is good inside but not particularly special.



I am a sucker for onion rings presented in a tower. For me, the excitement of the tower really adds to the overall experience. However, taste wise they were nice but pretty average.

Overall Rating: 6/10